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Ethical Jewelry

Not only jewelry, we are generations built on our core values!

ethical jewelry florence

We understand the best way to craft jewelry is to focus on the customers desires. Our priority is to provide the best service and create a relationship with our customers.

We offer a special experience to every person, to create a comfortable and elegant environment. We target a trend to satisfy the consumers desires and create an opportunity each and every day in the store with our core values.

We are constantly thinking of creating timeless jewelry and the best experiences for our customers. We are excited to provide the best service that simplifies our customers search for an elegant piece of jewelry.

Torrini Ethical Jewelry

Torrini sinks his roots in the history of the jewelry store and is strongly committed the own relations to promote with suppliers whose raw materials come from official sources from wich there are excluded Nations that abuse of the human rights.

Pursuing it purchases whose origin does not derive from zones where the wars are encouraged, where the juvenile work is exploited, where there are connections with dangerous or harmful procedures for the health and for the wellbeing of the individuals.

Torrini Ethics

Torrini intends to put, particularly towards the consumer, the next requirements:

  1. To observe all the laws, economic and ethical, the material behaviors and immaterials, wich mark a product bearing a historical mark of factory like seal of absolute quality.
  2. To supply, with efficiency and courtesy, within the limits of the contractual forecasts, products of high quality that satisfies the reasonable expectations of the client.
  3. To supply accurate and exhaustive information about the projects and services so that the client could assume conscious decisions.
  4. To keep to truth in the advertising communications or other comunications.

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The beginnings of the present ethical jewelry rules constitute exemplifying specifications of the general obligations of diligence, correctness and loyalties, which must qualify the fulfillment of each interest tied to the identification of the history and of the quality  of all the products carried the trademark Torrini 1369.

We preserve the future
of next Generations

The core jewelry values of Torrini



Torrini Jewelry 1369 trademark guarantees a seal of quality and originality. It is the World’s oldest trademark and the World’s 9th oldest family owned business.

For every piece of jewelry, we offer a certificate stating that it is hand crafted to order by master goldsmiths who follow Torrini’s goldsmith traditions.



We believe transparency with our customers is essential. All of our jewelry is handmade to order by our master goldsmiths and our Team in Florence, Italy.

In addition, our materials are ethically sourced, and our jewelry is accompanied by a certificate which guarantees the origin of the jewel, the quality of the raw materials and gems.

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

As a priority we always consider the customers opinion. We want to satisfy the customer’s desires and fulfill their expectations of their experience in the store or in the online shop.

This service is meticulously performed by truly listening to the customer, proposing jewelry, collections or personalized creations through the "Made for You" service.

savoir faire

Savoir Faire

Our heritage is based on the idea that jewels must be made exclusively by hand by master goldsmiths, because their beauty lies in the details designed by Torrini 1369.

These master goldsmiths have many years of experience in this tradition and this specialty is found only in Florence, where it is extraordinarily prestigious.


Ethical Jewelry

We firmly believe that life should be protected at all costs. All of our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which internationally protects that every stone is not of war origin or child labor.

We only choose suppliers and manufacturers who respect human ethics. Read more about Torrini jewelry vision.



Our identity is drenched from the rich culture of the city of Florence, where the Torrini family has remained for centuries.

Most of the Torrini 1369 jewelry collections are inspired from the Renaissance which is expressively shown in the streets of the city making it a hub of endless inspiration.

Ethical Jewelry Pledge

We firmly believe that life should be protected at all costs. All of our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which internationally protects that every stone is not of war origin or child labor.

ethical jewelry florence

We know the origin of our gems



Each of our diamonds is supplied by the Antwerp diamond exchange which provides maximum transparency in respect of human rights.


Burmese rubies are famous for their intense red color. This place is famous for providing the famous "pigeon blood" colored ruby.



Sapphires from Sri-Lanka! Their deep blue color has always captivated every person who admire them.


emerald gemstone

We choose emeralds from Colombia because their color is a bright intense green.