ART. 1 - The application of the general conditions of sale is limited to goods purchased at the shop of Piazza Duomo, 12/R in Florence owned and managed by Tifran Gioielli G. S.r.l., licensee of the “Torrini 1369” Trademark, (hereinafter referred to as the Vendor) by individuals, acting for purposes irrelevant to their entrepreneurial or professional activity, who are to be considered as end-users or consumers.
The general conditions of sale indicated herein apply to retail and or mail order sales or for online purchases and are considered an integral part of the agreement reached between the Vendor and the Purchaser and prevail over any terms or conditions referred to in the Purchaser's order or in any other written document unless specifically agreed upon by the Vendor and indicated in writing as "prevailing over the general conditions of sale".

ART. 2 - The Vendor's offers, be they verbal or written, are not binding. Orders received by the Vendor are only considered accepted upon the Vendor's written confirmation.

ART. 3 - The orders will be accepted with the prices in effect at the time of receipt of payment

ART. 4 - It is agreed that delivery must be considered at the Vendor's place of business; therefore, in the case of shipment, the goods, unless a specific contrary declaration by the Vendor, travel at the Purchaser's risk and the Vendor is expressly exempt from liability for delays in delivery and any eventual damages suffered, even if they are caused by defective packing.
The terms of delivery are indicative and are not binding for the Vendor. The Vendor is not liable for any eventual direct or indirect damage, due to delays in delivery. Failing written notification of lack of conformity, the goods supplied must be considered accepted by the Purchaser and simultaneously the Vendor will no longer be liable to remedy the damage found

ART. 5 - In the case of shipment the payment of the price and / or any other amount owed by Purchaser to Seller will be paid, in advance by credit card, Pay Pal or similar entities. Payment must be received by Seller no later than 7 working days from date of order.

ART. 6 - The Seller warrants that all products supplied comply with the intrinsic features specified in the site form and / or the certificate of origin when this is provided in the product kit.
The Customer is obliged to report in writing within a maximum period of one (1) month from the withdrawal or delivery of the purchased product any lack of conformity accompanied by an appropriate certification written by an Expert. The Customer will be entitled to request the Seller to repair or replace the purchased product in the event of a defect in the conformity of the goods. A vague indication of non-conformity by the Purchaser will not be considered valid.
The Seller's intervention will only work if the non-conforming products are returned with the package and the original certificate of Origin if part of the kit and are / have been supplied with.
The Vendor declares that the Products are handcrafted and therefore must be considered, within the limits of normal tolerances, perfectly compliant if through a careful observation of the item reveals slight manufacturing discrepancies.

ART. 7 - The handcrafted products manufactured under the “Torrini 1369” Trademark are accompanied, usually, by a Certificate of Origin.
The Vendor offers the consumer a "conventional guarantee" limited to the Torrini brand watches and accessories, which exclusively covers possible defects of the mechanism. With regard to all the other products, as well as those produced by third parties, the Vendor solely recognizes the "legal guarantee".
We hereby point out that no guarantee, neither legal nor conventional, can be extended to those products that Tifran Gioielli s.r.l. designs and creates according to production procedures and type of material indicated by the client.

ART. 8- In the sole case of long distance sales contracts, in conformity with the Government Decree 22.05.1999, n. 185, the Purchaser, although he can not be considered a consumer, may withdraw from the purchase contract, except for personalized or commissioned products that can not be returned, within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the order. In this case, the right of withdrawal, notified by email ( or registered mail and the product must be returned to the head office of Tifran Gioielli S.r.l. - Piazza Duomo 12/R - 50122 Florence – Italy.

ART. 9- The Vendor is the exclusive licensee of the know-how, trademarks and trade names relative to the Products denominated “Torrini 1369”.

ART. 10- Delivery time is normally 15 working days. However, give the artisana nature of the product, the delivery time can vary up to 3 months.


Payment shall be made through the same procedure you follow to place your order.
Payment is made with secure Stripe card processing.


Torrini delivers all around the world.
The order will be shipped after the completion of the purchasing process. Insured items are shipped via reliable express couriers.
The cost of shipping is among the highest, but allows us to ensure safety and efficiency. We believe that those who spend more spend less, at least in the services sector.
Shipment begins when the courier collect the items. Delivery times being estimated are not guaranteed and shall run from the time of delivery to the carrier.


Favorable conditions valid for a single order exceeding €. 800.00 per insured shipment to European countries with home delivery (this offer may not be combined with other discounts offered on this website).


Favorable conditions valid for a single order exceeding €. 1,000.00 per insured shipment worldwide with home delivery (this offer may not be combined with other discounts offered on this website).


Sale prices never include the rates of import duty or local tax, which vary from Country to Country.